Monday, May 21, 2018

 Broken Tree at Springwater Conservation Area.  Dan & I went for a long walk through the Springwater Conservation Area this afternoon and took some wonderful photos.  Tons of chipmunks plus a few trilliums and other wildflowers.

 Nature's sculpture.
 Jack in the Pulpit
 Jack in the Pulpit
 Pink Trillium
 White Trillium

These 2 deer ran in front of our vehicle on the way home and were across a farmer's field in no time.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Testing out a new recipe today - Toll House Cookie Pie.  I can't comment on the flavor yet as it is cooling off right now.  Review to follow.
I attended the Punk Rock Flea Market for the first time on Sunday and for sure I can say that this is not your Grandma's craft sale.  Lots of very creative young people had their wares for sale and it ran the gambit of selection: patches, jewellery, bath products, art work, posters, t-shirts etc.  A lot of skulls and tattoo images which blended well with the vibe of Call the Office which I had never been inside - quite the place.  I can easily say that I was the "oldest" person there but I am so glad that I attended will probably do so in the future.  Since I was among the first 50 attendees, I got a free cloth bad with the logo as shown above.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

I spent this very dismal Saturday attending a 2-hour class at the Little Red Mitten shop here in St. Thomas.  The class was on needle felting and was ideal for a beginner like me.    There were 8 attending the class and all of our mice looked totally different and all cute just the same.  I had purchased needle felting supplies quite some time ago but never got started and I thought this class would be just the boost that I needed to get moving on this craft.  It is very stress-relieving and easily done while watching TV but you must be careful of the special needle felting needle as they are wickedly sharp & a number in my class actually drew blood.  Luckily our instructor had a supply of bandages on hand!
Here is a link to the Little Red Mitten:  I will be attending another class in 2 weeks time that is about making a small wet felt bag.  I'm looking forward to this one so that once I master the skill, I want to go on and make a bigger purse for the summer.  Wish me luck!

I would like to introduce everyone to Glennie - he is the trailer where my hair stylist hosts her business.  Here is the website for my stylist:  I must say that getting my hair cut is always a relaxing hour of good conversation and joy.  Morgan is absolutely the kindest, nicest, joyful person that I have ever had cut my hair.  She is an absolute delight and I recommend her services to anyone.  For sure, you leave and have a better day because of her.  Glennie can be put into action if you are having a wedding and she will do your hairdo at your location.  Such fun!
Construction has started on the west end of Talbot Street.  It will be tough for the businesses and the Art Centre in this area.  The construction will update the streetscape as this end of Talbot is going through a major "renovation".  Improvements will make it more welcoming as you enter the city.  First phase was last summer and second phase is underway.  This end of the city should see increased traffic with the creation of the elevated park:  The park is close to Jumbo which is already a tourist attraction:

Monday, April 9, 2018

Not the best photo but this is my new display cabinet.  It is in good condition but now I have to find a home in the livingroom. Hmm...this is going to take some shifting and purging of some other pieces.  Well it is looking pretty empty so I planned a trip to an antique market that I have not visited before.

I went to the Hilltop Olde Tyme Market which is located at 8898 Longwoods Road, Mt. Brydges.  It is not in the village of Mt. Brydges but if you go through Delaware (over the bridge) heading west on Longwoods Road, you will find the market located on the right.
The booths are very tidy and most have their items dusted and clearly marked as to the pricing.

As you can see, the aisles are a decent width so getting around is quite easy without feeling like you are going to bump into stuff when carrying a big purse.

There is a great variety of antiques and collectibles available.  There is some furniture - reasonably priced.
I found this Royal Doulton candle holder owl - a bit pricey but it is quite unique & I have not seen one of these before in all my owl searching.

Love this pair of carved owls - very tactile and smooth plus cute.
I had planned to go to the Beaver Restaurant in Komoka for lunch but the old one is closed down in an anticipation of the opening of the new Beaver Restaurant directly across the road from the old one.  However, the new restaurant is not open until April 12th.  I didn't have to go far to find the Country Hearth Family Restaurant.  I had the lunch time special of a Western sandwich & soup for $7.99.  The restaurant is a typical small town place with friendly staff plus the food was really good.

Friday, April 6, 2018

New concrete owl for both my owl collection and my garden.  Purchased from one of the vendors, Concreations - they had lots of cute items!  Here is a link to their website:

Lots of beautiful bright spring color at Canadale's - made me forget about this morning's snowfall.

Start of the succulent log planter workshop.  Silly me, I thought it was going to be a "real" log but it is concrete!

Here is my selection of succulents for my planter.  Only the hens & chickens can actually go outside - the others are interior plants only.  Low maintenance, little water and our instructor said we are more likely to kill them with kindness!

Finished planter.
First trip to Canadale Nursery for 2018 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Finally finished this 1,000 piece puzzle just in time to do some real gardening - this was a very frustrating one that I thought was going to be easy.  Not so much!

Things are starting to pop in my south facing garden - spring is arriving.

Clematis #2 - not sure what kind before the prune

Clematis #2 - after the prune

Here is a photo of before the prune - this is Jackmanii Clematis.

Here is a photo of after the prune - looks much tidier.